People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses.

Why is this called $10,000 training? Because it will cost you $10,000 each time you lose an employee.

And people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. 

So the better you get at managing, the better you’ll get at reducing turnover, attracting better applicants, and getting the best out of everyone.

Your employees don’t want a boss who’s a jerk, but they also don’t one that’s a doormat. They want a boss that recognizes and appreciates people when they do well, but also holds people accountable when they don’t pull their weight or cause drama.

People want a boss who’s a strong leader, but is Firm, Fair, and Consistent.

That’s the kind of boss you’ll become with the training you’ll get in this SHRM accredited class.

Scroll down and hit the play button on any of these videos to see for yourself…


Disclosure: All testimonials on this page are actual feedback from people who have attended Glenn’s seminars. AI avatars have been used here to animate their comments for people who prefer to listen to audio or watch videos instead of reading text on a screen.

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