Can Glenn Be Trusted?

It sounds rude to say.

But the fact that you clicked on this link says the thought may have crossed your mind — and it should.

If you’re on this website, you’re probably thinking about sending your leadership team to one of Glenn’s seminars, hiring him to speak at an event, or shopping in his online store.

It seems like there’s a new Bernie Madoff (Wall Street fraud) or Sam Bankman-Fried (Bitcoin fraud) in the news every year.

There are also plenty of people in the personal development industry who, while they may not be criminals like Bernie Madoff, aren’t exactly what they appear to be.

Anyone can stand in front of an audience and talk about things like leadership, service to others, character, integrity, etc.

But what people say and what they do aren’t always the same thing. (i.e. Just look at how many politicians talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.)

We believe you deserve to know a little about how people lead their personal lives before doing business with them.

Here are a few things you might like to know about Glenn.

He talks a lot about Servant Leadership, and practices it.

After seeing the movie “Pay It Forward“, he was so inspired that he adopted the principle in his business and personal life. Here are five ways he practices it:

1. Giving his car to someone in need each time he buys a newer one. Click here to see their stories.

2. His “Pay It Forward Birthday” movement. Click here to see the story.

3. Becoming the Secret Santa of Nashville each Christmas. Click here to see the stories.

4. His job board. Click here if you’re not familiar with that.

5. His speaker training. Click here for details.

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